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DISCONTINUED - Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor (refurbished)

DISCONTINUED - Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor (refurbished)

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The Bluetooth Sensors & Gateways have been discontinued by the manufacturers due to supply chain disruption. Jolt will offer them only while supplies last. LoRaWAN Sensors & Gateways are the replacement product. LoRaWAN sensors have superior performance and range resulting in a better user experience.

The Temperature & Humidity Sensor will continuously monitor ambient temperature and humidity. Data is transmitted to Sensor gateways s via Bluetooth. Customizable alerts notify you if anything goes out of range.

  • Operating Temperature Range: -13°F to 140°F
  • Includes two zip ties and one 3M adhesive for installation
  • Must be in range of a Bluetooth Sensor Gateway to work 
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